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Beverly Hills Porsche Ratings and Reviews

Below you will find customer reviews.   Click here to tell us what you think.

Mike Vadvilavich | California | 2018-02-25

I recently completed a purchase with Brandon Raap on a new Macan S for my wife, and the deal was a very enjoyable and professional experience. I’m from the San Jose area, and living in Silicon Valley, most dealers here are unmotivated and lazy since they’re all fat and happy because of the tech industry. While searching for inventory on Porsche’s website I came across Beverly Hills Porsche, and was shocked by how much inventory they had. After requesting information I was contacted by Brandon, and he was ultra helpful matching up a car with my needs at a very fair price. He was extremely responsive in returning texts and expediting the purchase process. My 18 year old son and I made a mini road trip out of picking up the car - flying down and staying an extra day at Universal Studios and then driving it back the next day. What a great overal experience. I’ve owned 8 other Porsches in the last 20 years, and when the time comes for another I will be contacting Brandon and Beverly Hills Porsche first.

Brentwood D. via Yelp | CA | 2017-11-21

I would have never thought I would be writing a 5-star review for a car purchase experience, because let's face it who likes dealing with hours and days of test driving and talking to sales people that you can barely trust and they often lack enough knowledge? Not true this time! I was looking for a SUV and I had already test driven choices from BMW, Audi, and Mercedes. I walked in Beverly Hills Porsche on a Saturday and Ala from sales approached to help. I told him what I was looking for and he started showing me different Cayenne and Macan options that they had available. We carefully checked and compared the seat size, leg space, and cargo size in both cars then we went for test drive. He had me test drive Cayenne platinum edition, Macan S, and Macan Turbo. They were all great but Macan Turbo absolutely blew my mind! 
When we came back from the test drive Ala patiently explained all the options and features on all three cars. He also spent time with me to match my expectations and needs with each car's spec to narrow down choices. I am quite impressed by the level of knowledge that Ala possesses about cars in general and about Porsche in particular. He knows a lot of details about different cars and car manufacturers and especially Porsche that I found to be above and beyond any other car sales representative I have ever seen. After spending a couple of hours test driving and discussing with Ala, I narrowed down my choice to Macan Turbo but then I wasn't sure if I wanted to go above my budget to get that. I went home that day but was contacted by Ala twice during the course of next week to follow up and to make sure if I have any further questions. Without exaggeration he spent more than a couple of hours in total over the phone to make sure all my questions and concerns were addressed. At no point did I feel like I was being pushed or anything like that. I, for the first time in buying cars, felt that Ala was genuinely trying to help me by building trust and spending time explaining things. This is unlike any past experiences that I had with other car sales persons. I found Ala to be knowledgeable, genuine, patient, and not pushy who wants costumer's best interest. 
At the time of purchase, I also met Sean, sales manager, and Cy, finance director. They were both very helpful and cool. Having these three guys made my car purchase experience really fun and not stressful. 
By the time I finished doing paperwork with Cy, it was already 11:30 pm on a Friday night and I had my old car (Boxster) and the new Macan to take home! Ala offered to drive my Boxster when I drove Macan home (great gesture) otherwise, I had to leave my Boxster there and had to go back the next day to pick it up. Furthermore, when we got to my parking garage, he spent another half an hour or so explaining all the options and keys on the panel in more details. He also adjusted the seat and matched it with the key and set up the built in garage door opener. 
I would have never thought I would write such a long review about my car purchasing experience, but Beverly Hills Porsche staff and especially Ala impressed me so much with the quality of the service they offered that I spent time writing this review. I hope it stays that way! 
Btw, my new Macan Turbo is one hell of a BEAST and I absolutely LOVE IT!!!

Dr. Mark M. via Yelp | CA | 2017-12-17

I went by Beverly Hills Porsche about a month ago to test drive a 2018 Macan S.  This is when I met my salesperson, Jeff Gootkin.  Jeff never pressured me for the sale as I told him I was looking at another car.  After test driving the Macan, I told him I needed to see if it would fit in my garage.  He was so kind as to bring the Macan by my house to make sure it fit.  Thanks goodness, it did.  I was feeling a bit ambivalent between the two cars I was considering and I told him I would think about it.   Jeff was still very nice to me when I told him, I was leaning towards the other car.  He said,  "Just make sure you get what you want, forget about me."  About a week passed, when I thought had decided to get the other car.  I was driving by the dealership and decided to call Jeff to see if I could come by and test drive the Macan one more time.  Jeff said, "Of course, come on by."  This is when I fell for the Macan 100%.  In a couple of days, Jeff had the car I wanted.  He actually brought the papers over to my office, I signed them and picked the car up the next morning. It was a seamless transaction.  If you are in the market for a Porsche, you should give Jeff a call.  He was professional, respectful, responsive and to top it off a nice guy.

Thanks Jeff,
Mark M

Ali Iravani | California | 2017-09-17

I recently purchased a new Panamera from Beverly Hills Porsche. The experience I had with both Matt and Gary was phenomenal. They took the time and made a genuine effort to meet all my needs. Would highly recommend this dealership and specially Matt and Gary to help put you in your new or used Porsche.

Candace Weisz | California | 2016-10-27

I brought my Macan in for the one year service and Erik made sure that I was in & out on time, due to a time pressure I had. He was thorough, knowledgeable and very personable. He even arranged for a loaner! It was easy and seamless, a pleasure doing business with Erik & BH Porsche!!!

Steve Sarkissian | California | 2016-10-13

Beverly Hills Porsche is a first class dealer with top notch staff. After searching for months to find a first generation Cayman , S, I found the car of my dreams at Beverly Hills Porsche. My wife and I came in late on a Sunday afternoon a couple of hours before closing to inspect a low mileage 2008 Cayman S. After a test drive and a quick negotiation I was driving home in Atlas Gray Cayman S. The whole experience took about two and a half hours and was truely one of the easiest car purchasing experiences I've ever had , both my salesman Harry and his boss Gary were honest , straight forward gentlemen and helped us acquire a great car. In fact, our Cayman needed a couple of things addressed and Gary came through on his word and delivered on services as promised. I highly recommend Beverly Hills Porsche, as our Porsche buying experience was fantastic .

Natalie B via DealerRater | CA | 2016-06-06

I was buying a new car, and it was between a Range Rover or a Cayenne. I first test drove a Range Rover, and the salesman could not have been more disengaged and disinterested. He hardly even spoke to us! We then went to the Porsche dealership, and right away, we were greeted warmly and introduced to Ali, who was our salesperson. He was so enthusiastic, sharp, and most of all, so kind and genuinely interested in helping us. After meeting Ali, we were more interested in the Cayenne and had to forget about the Range Rover. He was so passionate about Porsche as a brand - it seemed like everyone there was really happy to be working there - which was infectious. We wanted to be a part of the Porsche family too! Russell helped us with the details of the sale - we loved his wit and sharp humor - he made the process fun! Thank you to the team for making this such a positive experience. I am very pleased with my purchase!

Pinky J. via Yelp | California | 2016-05-04

After doing an online search for a very specific model , the road led me to BH Porsche where a preowned 2015 was living like a wallflower among all the fresh new pretty girls at the dance. Their online presence is tremendous, and the in personal experience was a true no brainer when it comes to committing due to the exceptional and professional manner I was handled with. BRANDON RAAP made it all about me, saw to it that I was comfortable with the terms and answered all my very detailed questions. Before I was even at the Dealership he treated me no differently than someone purchasing at the highest end of the inventory - he was a true example of how service leads with a reputable brand. The previous BMW company I worked with was fine, but a bit rushed and chaotic. Do yourselves a favor and look no further for luxury service and high performance products.

Joy R. via Yelp | CA | 2016-05-09

Great experience purchasing my first Porsche 911 Carrera. For all you amateurs it's pronounced (Por-sha) when you're family. Nathan White was our friendly sales rep and very personable, accessible, patient, and answered all of our questions. Came in initially wanting a Panamera but the 911 stole my heart and my husband's wallet. You only live once right?

Aurora Vasquez-Baldwin | CA | 2015-12-23

Beverly Hills Porsche has catapulted to a new level of customer service! They are attentive to my inquiries and direct me to the specialist at no time, be it financing, or car care, the quality of their attention to details is amazing! Porsche's name instills refined quality and integrity and Beverly Hills Porsche is living up to those standards. Thanks again, Aurora Vasquez-Baldwin

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