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Where to Drive Your Porsche

Where to Drive Your Porsche in the Los Angeles Area

Porsche Drive

You’ve bought a new Porsche. Congratulations! You’re one of the select few drivers who demand a higher level of performance and refinement in their daily commute, but now you have to decide where to take your Porsche to truly get the most out of its superior handling, awesome power, and unmatched responsiveness.

Where To Be Seen in Your Porsche

Sunset Strip

If you’re looking to spend some time with like-minded enthusiasts or just want to go cruising, LA has several places to take your Porsche out.

  1. The Sunset Strip. This is the place to be seen in a brand new Porsche on a weekend. Whether you want to head to Skybar at Mondrian or see who’s playing at The Roxy, the Sunset Strip is where your Porsche needs to be seen.
  2. Bob’s Big Boy on Riverside. Bob’s Big Boy is the perfect hamburger joint for gearheads to gather at. Stop by after 5:30 PM on Friday and local hotrod, custom build, and import enthusiasts gather to check out each other’s cars.
  3. Cars & Coffee in Irvine, CA. Check online to learn when events are scheduled, but this is one of the longest running Cars & Coffee clubs in the world, with gatherings across the globe. Take your Porsche to see hypercars, vintage models, and custom builds while enjoying a nice cup of Joe.

Where to Take a Day Trip in Your Porsche


Los Angeles is driving distance from awesome forests, miles of empty desert roads, and several twisty highways into the mountains. Choosing where to take your Porsche can be a tough decision, but the team at Beverly Hills Porsche has polled a few regular customers and they have a few suggestions for day trips.

  1. Mulholland Drive. This should really be the first place everyone who buys a Porsche goes. Start the drive near the Hollywood Bowl and work your way through the twists and turns towards San Vicente Mountain Park. You’ll be glad you did.
  2. The PCH. Start in Malibu Creek State Park and work your way along the Pacific Coast in your Porsche along an absolutely gorgeous stretch of road. Stop off at a seafood restaurant before heading back home and enjoy the catch of the day.
  3. Griffith Park. The route along Griffith Observatory is fantastic for finding out how responsive your Porsche is. Start on Los Feliz Blvd. and work your way around the observatory with twists, straightaways, and curves to explore. While you’re there you can stop at the LA Zoo, take a walk at the Fern Dell, or fit in nine holes at Roosevelt Municipal Golf Course.

How to Park Your Porsche Safely

Parking in the Los Angeles area can be tricky even for seasoned veterans. Parking tickets can show up at random, finding a spot can be an effort, and the safety of your car and your belongings isn’t always guaranteed. The team at our dealership has a few suggestions for Porsche owners to keep their sports cars and SUVs safe when out and about on the town.

  1. Back into the parking spot. Backing allows you to cut the angles closer and it’s easier and safer to exit.
  2. Give other vehicles extra space. Parking too close to other cars can result in unsightly dings and scratches that Porsche owners are keen to avoid.
  3. Take advantage of Downtown Concierge. If you have to go into the city, use Downtown Concierge for free rides inside a limited area of downtown LA.
  4. Try If you’re ever wondering about the closest pay parking lot, head over to to find a reasonably priced lot within driving distance
  5. Lock everything up or take it with you. Never, ever leave a smartphone or tablet on the seat, even at a lot with an attendant. Taking valuables with you guarantee they won’t be missing when you get back, but locking them up works, too.

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