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Porsche German Engineering

Porsche – Authentic German Engineering in Los Angeles, CA

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Beverly Hills Porsche

Several European brands claim to offer authentic engineering and construction by their country of origin, but very few follow through. From design to arrival, the Porsche brand is virtually all-German in every aspect. Developed in Stuttgart, built in Liepzig, and shipped from Hamburg, Porsche vehicles are as authentically German as weizenbier and bratwurst. Get more details on the origins, engineering, and reputation of Porsche below or find out more about the sports cars and SUVs available at Beverly Hills Porsche in Los Angeles with our model research center.

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Origins of Porsche

Porsche was launched as an automotive consulting company in 1931, but didn’t produce cars under its own marque until 1948. Ferry Porsche sought to create a lightweight, small sports car that was unlike anything on the market, and he did so with the launch of the first Porsche production car, the iconic 356. It’s with Ferry Porsche’s original guidance that the German auto brand still produces small, lightweight sports cars that use their power efficiently.

Engineering of Porsche

Beverly Hills Porsche

The engineering that goes into Porsche can only be accomplished by a team that is obsessed with providing a driving experience that is unlike any other. Crisp handling, efficient use of power, and quick acceleration are engrained in the very DNA of every new Porsche sports car and SUV. Key equipment that the current Porsche lineup is built upon include:

  • Turbocharged engines to deliver greater power while maximizing efficiency
  • All-wheel drive and Porsche Torque Vectoring to provide greater traction and cornering
  • Porsche Doppelkupplung transmission offers rapid gear changes and reduced fuel consumption
  • Lightweight construction that maintains rigidity to ensure the driving dynamics that drivers expect
  • Sport Chrono packages to deliver even more responsive acceleration

Reputation & Awards of Porsche

Beverly Hills Porsche

In 2011, a study conducted by a Canadian consumer watchdog group found that 97.4 percent of all Porsche models sold from 1986 to 2011 were still on the road. In 2014, Consumer Reports named the Porsche Cayman and Boxter two of the most reliable sports cars on the market. The German Technical Inspection Association named the 911 the most reliable car in Germany. And those are just a few of the recent accolades Porsche has received.

  • In 2017, KBB and U.S. News & World Report honored Porsche as the best luxury brand
  • The 718 Cayman & 718 Boxster were awarded as the World Performance Car of the Year in 2017
  • The Porsche 911 won the 2017 Edmunds Most Wanted award and the 2017 Robb Report Car of the Year
  • The Macan, Panamera, and 718 Cayman won Kelley Blue Books Awards for Best Resale Value

Is My Porsche Really Built in Germany?

The main factory and headquarters of Porsche are still located in Stuttgart, Germany to this day. Porsche has expanded production of Cayenne and Panamera models to a facility in Liepzig. A few components of the Cayenne are manufactured in Bratislava, Slovakia, but all Porsche models are assembled in Germany. From 1997 to 2011, the Cayenne and Boxster were outsourced to Finland, but they have since returned home to Germany. The short answer is, yes, your Porsche was built in Germany.

Do you know that Porsche is the right brand for your lifestyle? Discover your next new sports car or SUV with Beverly Hills Porsche in Los Angeles, and drive the German-engineered model you deserve.


New Porsche Inventory Porsche CPO Inventory