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Porsche European Delivery

Porsche European Delivery Program in Los Angeles, CA

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Beverly Hills Porsche

Where do you want your first interaction with your new Porsche sports car to be? Would you prefer to grind through traffic on the 405, or blast along the autobahn in Germany? No one ever picks the 405. Take advantage of the Porsche European Delivery program, and meet your new sports car where it was developed and built: at the factory in Germany. Beverly Hills Porsche has helped dozens of enthusiasts and collectors enjoy the ultimate vacation. Contact us to learn how to pick up your new Porsche at the factory in Germany.

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How Do I Apply For The Porsche European Delivery Program?

The application process is fairly simple, and can be taken care of at our Porsche dealership in Los Angeles. When shopping for your next new sports car or performance SUV, let your product specialist know that you want to take delivery of your Porsche at the factory in Germany. We’ll supply all the paperwork and information you’ll need to submit your application for European delivery.

Am I Eligible To Pick Up My Porsche in Europe?

Beverly Hills Porsche

If you have a valid passport and place an order from an authorized Porsche dealer, such as Beverly Hills Porsche in Los Angeles, you’re immediately eligible for the program. The procedure for ordering your new Porsche sports car or SUV from the factory in Germany is as follows:

  • Place your order with a product specialist at our Porsche dealership
  • Choose the date you want to visit Germany to pick up your new Porsche
  • Orders must be made at least 12 weeks in advance to ensure accuracy and deliverability.
  • Complete the European Vehicle Order Form with assistance from your product specialist, and have your order confirmed by Porsche Cars North America
  • Receive your final confirmation including final delivery details, hotel and taxi vouchers, and your Monroney label. A Monroney Label is the same as a window sticker, but you’ll need it to bring your Porsche back to the US.

What Can I Expect at the Porsche Leipzig Factory & Stuttgart Factory?

Beverly Hills Porsche

After you arrive in Germany, you’ll be the guest of Porsche for the first few hours at our factory. Tour the Porsche museum in Zuffenhausen, learn more about our state-of-the-art facility in Leipzig, and enjoy lunch at the factory or our VIP dining room. You’ll have an opportunity to shop at the Porsche boutique, but everything is leading up to your experience with a Porsche Delivery Consultant.

  • After your tour, your Delivery Consultant will hand you the keys to your new Porsche
  • A brief demonstration and explanation will follow so you can learn everything there is to know about your new Porsche
  • After that, your trip is up to you. Head to Paris, take your Porsche to Rome, or get onto the Autobahn. Your vacation is what you make of it with your new sports car or performance SUV

Contact The Team at Beverly Hills Porsche For European Delivery

Do you want to book your European adventure with Porsche? Get in touch with a product specialist at Beverly Hill Porsche in Los Angeles through our contact form or by phone at (888) 391-3469 and let us know that you want more details on the European delivery program. Driving a new Porsche sports car through Europe is only a click away!

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