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Porsche Panamera vs Audi A7

2017 Porsche Panamera vs. 2017 Audi A7 in Los Angeles, CA

Porsche vs Audi

Does your daily drive require a sedan that wouldn’t look out of place in a carpool lane, or do you crave a daily drive that features a design that could be seen on a racetrack? When choosing a German-engineered luxury sedan, finding the right model to suit your lifestyle is absolutely paramount. With similar performance capabilities, deciding between the Porsche Panamera and Audi A7 comes down to the aesthetics that appeal to your unique sensibilities.

For the purpose of this comparison, the 2017 Porsche Panamera, starting at $85,000 MSRP, will be compared to the 2017 Audi A7 Competition edition, starting at $76,550 MSRP.

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2017 Porsche Panamera vs. 2017 Audi A7: Performance

While both models are engineered with V6 engines, there are several key differences between the performance of the Porsche Panamera and the Audi A7. Engine specs and key performance metrics are as follows, but they’re not the only important aspects of the two German-engineered sports sedans.

2017 Porsche Panamera Model 2017 Audi A7
2.9L turbocharged V6 Engine 3.0L supercharged TFSI® V6
331 lb.-ft. Torque 325 lb.-ft.
5.2 seconds 0-60 MPH Acceleration 5.2 seconds
164 MPH Top Track Speed 130 MPH
RWD Drivetrain AWD

When drivers select the Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK) transmission, the new Panamera becomes much more responsive and truly puts its performance in your hands. The Tiptronic transmission included with the Audi is comfortable, but lacks the feel of the PDK option from Porsche.

2017 Porsche Panamera vs. 2017 Audi A7: Driving Experience

Porsche vs Audi

Developed with an adaptive air suspension, Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control Sport, and rear-axle steering, every drive in the new Panamera feels like a day at the track, not a commute. While the Audi A7 is highly refined, it lacks the performance-first driving experience that only a Porsche can truly provide. Even the cockpit for the 2017 Panamera offers a greater experience than the new A7 with several advanced features that Audi simply can’t match.

  • Ergonomically designed cabin of the Porsche Panamera enables quick hand movements from the steering wheel to the gear selector
  • The logical layout of the touchscreen included with the Panamera allows drivers to quickly cycle through menus and have access to key systems
  • The new Panamera provides an analog tachometer with digital displays included for other functions
  • Seating in new Panamera offers support in fast corners without restricting movement

2017 Porsche Panamera vs. 2017 Audi A7: Technology Features

Porsche vs Audi

The MMI® navigation system from Audi offers voice or touch control, but only comes with a six-month trial subscription to Audi connect®. The Porsche Communication Management system allows drivers to connect to key services through their smartphone, and even provides a wireless Internet access point to connect with a tablet or laptop.

Other key features of the Porsche Communication Management System available with the Panamera are as follows:

  • 12-in. touchscreen display with rotary controls
  • Optional 4-zone climate control
  • CD/DVD drive, SD card, and internal 10 GB hard drive access
  • Navigation with real-time traffic information through Google® Street View and Google® Earth
  • Access to the Porsche Connect App enables drivers to transfer or retrieve data from their Panamera to a smartphone or Apple Watch

Are you ready to experience the new Porsche Panamera for yourself? Contact the team at Beverly Hills Porsche in Los Angeles through our inquiry form or by phone at (888) 391-3469 to schedule a test drive.

Keep in mind that our Porsche dealership functions more like a personal automotive concierge than a car dealer. We’ll work with you to complete a custom order or find the new or pre-owned Porsche model that you want to have in your driveway.

New Porsche Panamera Inventory

Used Porsche Panamera Inventory