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Porsche vs Lexus

Porsche vs Lexus Brand Comparison in Beverly Hills, CA


Choosing the right luxury car brand is as important as choosing the right smartphone, watch, or designer bag. Two popular brands for discerning buyers in the Beverly Hills area are Lexus and Porsche. Both brands offer advanced comfort and modern connected technology, but Porsche’s German heritage and sophisticated styling provides drivers with the refinement and class that Lexus simply can’t match.

Discover the sophistication that your daily drive requires with a new sports car from our dealership in Beverly Hills, or continue reading to learn how Porsche outclasses Lexus at every turn.

New Porsche Inventory

Porsche vs. Lexus: Driving Experience

When it comes to the overall driving experience, most European models struggle to match Porsche, let alone a brand such as Lexus. Porsche has developed driver experience into the very DNA of its models. Featuring responsive handling, dynamic power, and nimble steering, every new Porsche is as capable on the racetrack as it is for your daily commute.

Racetrack performance implies a Spartan interior cabin, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth when it comes to Porsche. Produced to be as comfortable as it capable, Porsche sedans, coupes, and SUVs provide drivers with an oasis from the daily grind. Swaddled in leather, connected to your home or business, and ergonomically engineered, the interior of your Porsche has just as much to offer, if not more, than a comparable Lexus model.

Porsche vs. Lexus: Overall Quality


Almost 70 years ago, Ferry Porsche set out to develop a small, lightweight sports car. His dream resulted in what would become the iconic Porsche 356. Over the past seven decades, Porsche has sought to refine, develop, and create the absolute best driving machines. From the driver-focused cabin to the most responsive handling German engineering can offer, the current Porsche lineup offers a higher level of quality and attention to detail than the Toyota-based Lexus lineup has.

Porsche vs. Lexus: Resale Value

While Lexus vehicles are known for retaining their value due to their Toyota roots, Porsche sports cars can actually appreciate in value if you purchase the right model. The latest edition of the Porsche 911, especially the Turbo, GTS, GT3, and R models, are expected to become collectible in the not too distant future. awarded the 2017 Porsche 718 Cayman and 718 Boxster for their expected resale value, citing the high-quality engineering and improved power.

Find your next Porsche collectible in the new inventory at Beverly Hills Porsche, and drive more than a car. Drive an investment.

Why Buy a Luxury Car From Beverly Hills Porsche?

Featuring only the best that German engineering has to offer, our Porsche dealership in Beverly Hills, CA functions more like an automotive concierge than a dealership. Visit Beverly Hills Porsche today to relax in our immaculately kept lounge, and discuss your next new luxury performance model with one of our product specialists.

After you select the new vehicle you want to experience, you’ll take it for a test drive to see if it meets your exacting standards. If not, our team will work to find the new Porsche sports car or SUV that does match your lifestyle. Contact our team through our test-drive form or by phone at (888) 391-3469 to get into a new performance luxury model at Beverly Hills Porsche.

New Porsche Inventory