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Porsche Taking Environmentally Friendly Steps In Beverly Hills, CA

The Porsche factory in Leipzig, Germany is home to several pleasing sounds. The occasional squeal of tires. The hum of a specially tuned V8 engine. The whirr of machinery. Soon there will be a new sound coming from the Porsche factory. The sound of 1.5 million workers making their way through their daily task. Porsche isn’t going on a massive hiring binge, but they are relocating endangered honey bees to an undeveloped area of the Porsche industrial complex in Leipzig.

Porsche’s attention to helping an endangered species is just one of dozens of examples of the German auto manufacturer embracing an environmentally friendly attitude.

  • Porsche is the only company with three plug-in hybrid models: the 918 Spyder, Cayenne S E-Hybird, and Panamera S E-Hybrid
  • The 911 GT3 Hybrid was the first Porsche race car to use electric front-wheel drive and a fly-wheel energy reservoir
  • Recently opened a new clean and efficient paint shop in Zuffenhausen
  • Nearly 100% of all waste created at Porsche factories is recycled
  • Porsche’s Logistic complex in Ontario, CA added solar panels in 2009
  • When comparing the 2012 lineup to the 1995 lineup, Porsche vehicles are 20% more efficient
  • All Porsche engines can be fueled with a 10% ethanol mix. Cayenne models can use up to a 25% blend
  • Porsche will be unveiling a new V6 diesel version of the Cayenne this year that’s capable of a 620-mile fuel range

Do you have questions about environmentally friendly options available at our Porsche dealership in Beverly Hills, CA? Take a look at our current inventory to learn more about available options, and then contact our team through our inquiry form or by phone at (888) 391-3469 to learn more about German luxury models that maximize performance and efficiency.

Date Posted: June 27, 2017