Porsche 991 vs Porsche 992

The new Porsche 911 is not extremely different from the last model, but there are slight differences that ensure every minor detail is just right. Compared to the Porsche 991, the Porsche 992 has discrete exterior design changes, but the overall shape of the car is almost identical to the last model—most differences are found at the back.

The interior of the new Porsche 992 has more noticeable changes when compared to the 991, offering more sophistication and sleekness and the performance of the new 992 has only been enhanced, building off of the power and intrigue that was already there with the previous model. Visit Beverly Hills Porsche today to test drive the all-new Porsche 911 992 to discover first-hand what makes it so stunningly refreshing.

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Porsche 991 vs 992 Differences

  • Performance
    Porsche 991 vs Porsche 992: Performance

    The Porsche 991 and the Porsche 992 both have excellent performances; really, the Porsche 911 991’s performance has simply been enhanced for the new model. For residents in the Los Angeles, CA, area, the all-new 992 features a larger central intercooler at the rear that replaced the twin intercooler unites of the 991; with this upgrade, the 992 is 12% larger, which allows for lower intake-air temperatures. A better-flowing exhaust means an improved power delivery.

    With the all-new 922, the engine compression ratios have also increased, going from 10.1:1 to 10.5:1 while maintaining 16-psi of boost pressure. Drivers can also opt for the PBSB (Porsche Surface Coated Brake) system, which helps to enhance braking performance.

    • Gearing increased from 7 to 8 speeds
    • Smaller gear shift for transmission
    • Engine compression ratios increased from 10.1:1 to 10.5:1 while maintaining 16-psi of boost pressure
    • 12% larger size for lower intake-air temperatures
  • Exterior
    Porsche 991 vs Porsche 992: Exterior

    The all-new Porsche 911 992 is slightly different when it comes to the exterior. To begin, the edges of the hood are sharper with the new 992, and the model has more rectangular air vents instead of the oval-shaped vents from the 991.

    Concerning the side profile, the new 992’s door handles are sharper as well. With more edge to the rear, the lower fascia and with the new thin tail lights that are connected as a single strip spanning the engine cover, the Porsche 992 seems to be pushing that more sculpted look—a bit more rough around the edges.

    • Front fascia adopts rectangular air vents
    • Revised door handles are sharper
    • Resculpted lower fascia
    • New thin tail lights connected with a single strip spanning the engine cover
    • Vents are vertically oriented
  • Interior
    Porsche 991 vs Porsche 992: Interior

    Compared to the 991, the Porsche 911 992’s interior features some noticeable changes for residents in the Los Angeles, CA, area. The 992’s interior is more sleek and sophisticated due to the array of buttons from the dash in the 991 being removed and instead included within the 11-inch touchscreen at the center of the all-new dash. Overall, there are fewer buttons, which makes for a more clean space for drivers.

    • Array of buttons at front dash moved and included in 11-inch touchscreen at center dash
    • Broad, square lines on the dash

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