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How To Buy A Used Porsche

How To Buy A Pre-Owned Sports Car in Los Angeles, CA

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Do your weekend adventures demand the dynamic driving experience that only a sports car can deliver, but you’re not looking to buy new? Get into a pre-owned sports car at our dealership in Los Angeles, and add the drivability and acceleration that only a luxury coupe or convertible can provide to your next day trip. Learn more about test-driving and financing a pre-owned model at Beverly Hills Porsche, or find a sports car that’s new to you in our inventory.

Porsche Pre-Owned Inventory

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How To Test-Drive A Pre-Owned Sports Car

Test-driving a pre-owned sports car at Beverly Hills Porsche isn’t that much different from the process of checking out a new vehicle. There are a few aspects of a pre-owned sports car that you’ll want to pay special attention to, but pre-owned sports cars at our dealership have been updated and repaired as necessary. Key aspects of pre-owned sports cars to keep in mind during your test drive are as follows:

  • Check the tires for even wear. If the tires on the pre-owned sports car you’re about to test-drive are uneven, it may be a sign that the alignment is off.
  • Verify that all external lights work. It’s not uncommon for pre-owned models to need lights replaced.
  • Check all the systems in the cockpit. Make sure the air conditioner cools and the heater warms up.
  • Drive the vehicle above 60 MPH at some point. Check for vibrations in the steering wheel or any shaking.
  • Apply the brakes. Check to see if the pedal feels soft or the car pulls to one side.

Buying & Leasing Options For Pre-Owned Sports Cars

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Buying AND leasing? Yes! 2015 and 2016 model year Certified Pre-Owned Porsche vehicles can be leased despite not being brand new. Get in touch with a CPO lease specialist at our dealership in Los Angeles to learn more about terms and conditions!

In addition to CPO lease deals, Beverly Hills Porsche also offers special pricing on select pre-owned inventory. Take a look at the current deals to get the Porsche sedan, coupe, or SUV that you deserve with an auto finance deal that works with your lifestyle and budget.

Can I Save On A Pre-Owned Sports Car?

Of course! Pre-owned sports cars cost a fraction of new models, and the lower price tag means you can save on taxes and insurance. First, browse through the pre-owned and CPO inventory for sale at Beverly Hills Porsche in Los Angeles, and then get in touch with our team through our contact form or by phone at (888) 391-3469 to see a sports car that’s new to you in person during a test drive.

Porsche Pre-Owned Inventory

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