What is Porsche Wet Mode?

What is Porsche Wet Mode?

Porsche Wet Mode is a brand-new technology that is offered with the eight-generation Porsche 911 model. The technology provides assistance when it comes to wet road traction without sacrificing power in performance on the road. For residents and Porsche drivers in or near the Los Angeles, CA, area, Porsche Wet Mode is the ideal option for those rainy days or other wet-road related problems that every Porsche driver is guaranteed to encounter at some point.

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Porsche Wet Mode Overview

  • Features
    What does Porsche Wet Mode Do?

    Porsche Wet Mode was designed to keep the driver and passengers of every Porsche 911 more safe and secure on the road. When it comes to slippery streets, rainy days and other water-related experiences on the road, Porsche Wet Mode assists the vehicle in maintaining that signature confident, controlled and power-filled drive even on wet roads.

    For Porsche drivers near the Los Angeles, CA, area, Porsche Wet Mode is that ideal feature for ensuring every drive is just as great as the last, regardless of the road conditions, weather or situation.

  • How does it work?
    How Does Porsche Wet Mode Work?

    How does Porsche Wet Mode work? This technology is able to spot wet road conditions with just its innate intelligence. Porsche Wet Mode uses acoustic sensors in the front wheel housing and detects water that has been sprayed up under the car—even if there is standing water.

    The water pre-warns the PSM and PTM systems and triggers a notification in the driver’s instrumentations on the digital display, which, in turn, recommends switching the Porsche 911 to Wet Mode. Wet Mode makes changes to the Porsche 911’s handling and adjusts the PSM and PTM settings, the active aerodynamics and responsiveness of the car, as well as adjusts the optional Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus.

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